Friday, March 21, 2014

The Tempted by the Soldier "Private Panty Melter" Giveaway!!!

Since Tempted by the Soldier's release a few weeks ago, I have been absolutely blown away by the love you guys have had for Nate and Lilly's story! So much so that I think a special giveaway for all of you "Private Panty Melter" lovers out there, is far over due. So it's time we remedy that! Below you will find the details on how to win one of four awesome 

All you have to do to enter is find your favorite Tempted by the Soldier line or quote and shout it out on Facebook or Twitter. 

Use the Hash Tag #TBTS so I can find and retweet your tweets. ;)

On to the good part! The loot!

PRIZE #1: (1) Pair of Tempted by the Soldier "TAKE IT OFF SOLDIER BOY" Boy Short Panties

PRIZE #2: (1) Pair of Tempted by the Soldier "PROPERTY OF PRIVATE PANTY MELTER" Boy Short Panties

PRIZE #3: (1) $10 Amazon Gift Card

PRIZE #4: (1) $10 Amazon Gift Card


A few more steps and her back hit the side of a truck. His, thankfully. He stopped in front of her and stripped off his coffee-soaked shirt, tossing it in the bed of the truck without taking his eyes off her. She froze, the sight of his chiseled bare chest enough to make her brain short-circuit. What in God’s name was he doing, stripping in a parking lot? If Paige could see this, her panties would be melting all the way over on Fifth Avenue.

“W-what are you doing?” Who the hell did he think he was? Matthew McConaughey?

Nate braced his hands on the truck roof above her and leaned in, his jaw tight, his gaze intense. 

“Setting some ground rules.”

Heart racing, she tilted her head back to look up at the man towering over her, blinking away the light rain falling from the sky. This close, she could see every speck of gray in his cobalt eyes. His gaze darted down to her mouth and heat sparked low in her belly, igniting the need to give in to the white-hot connection burning between them. She didn’t know what she wanted more. To douse that connection with ice water and extinguish it forever, or keep it burning bright just to torture him for pretending it didn’t exist. 


**This contest is international**
**Don't forget to use the #TBTS hashtag so I can retweet you!**

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